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Here at Living In The Mexican Caribbean we can help you with all the small things involed in moving to a foreign tropical destination so you can spend more time enjoying the sun and sand. Below is a list of some of the serivces we can help you with so the move/purchase/relocation is much easier. It is always easier to have someone by your side when you are looking to get the small things done: where to go, what you need to bring with you, what official documents are needed, and how much the fee's will be.



As a foreigner you can import a foreign car and you only pay $40 a year for a permit to have it here in Mexico. The best way is via ferry from Fort Lauderdale, FL, US. There is a company we highly recommend and have used many times called 'Hydes Shipping' that works out of Florida and they arrange receipt of your vehicle and ship it to Puerto Morelos, about 20 minutes away from Cancun. They have an office here in Cancun where you go to get the bill of Lading and you bring that to the customs office in Cancun and they issue you a permit to have your vehicle in Mexico.  Hydes Shipping website is easily found online. 



A residency visa alows you to get many benefits as a resident over that of a toursit in Mexico: you can open a bank account here in Mexico, you can sell a property without paying any taxes (since you are a resident you have the right to claim homestead act and you don't pay tax in your 'primary' home), you get discounts in all amusement parks (Xel-Ha, Xcaret, Xplor, Coco Bongo, and every other tourist attraction and many restaurants as well), you can open a business as a resident, you can get credit cards and mortgages here in Mexico, you can sign up for satelite tv, internet, and a cell phone via a monthly plan insted of pay as you go programs, and much more. You are also not required to leave the country every 6 months as a tourist is. We have very good immigration lawyers that we can refer you to. This is a process that is best done once you are here with a property as owning a property makes the process much smoother (you have invested in the country and they require less documents when you already purchased a property in Mexico). 



Most people want to enjoy the sun, sand, beach, food, and amazing community here in the Mexican Caribbean. However, some people want to invest and start earning more money while they are enjoying the better things in life. In the past with a corporation you had to have one Mexican national as a shareholder. This is no longer true! You can now own a corporation with anyone you choose. We have great lawyers that we can introduce you to that will help set up your corporation and even accoutants that can do your yearly taxes for your company if you choose to work while in Paradise. 




It is nice to take your time and shop around. However, it is also nice to know you are paying good prices and to see all the available options before buying! We can take you around and show you where you can buy designer, theme, affordable or any other type of furniture that you may choose to decorate your home.




We will help you get the electric and water utilities in your name. We will also help you get a phone, internet and tv for your home if you choose to so equip your dream home with these amenities. There are severeal choices for all so these are best chosen once settled in and you can take your time looking at cable vs. satelittle, wireless internet vs. landline, etc. We will also help you setup a gas contract and show you how to order gas when you need it. 




We can take you to the banks that are good dealing with foreigners and open you a bank account so your Mexican transactions are done here in Mexico without questions from your home country asking about all of your transactions down here. The banking in Mexico is very safe and private. 




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